About Us
 Our Mission ! 

Working daily to the lives of not only our clients, but their owners also. We strive to insure that every horse is comfortable in their saddle which makes for a better performer and a happier rider.  

What We Do ! 

Founded in 1985, Castleberry Saddle Shop is a home managed business specializing in custom leather work, saddle fitting, reflocking, rebuilding  and saddle repair and restorations for English Saddles, Western Saddles, Harness, Army Saddles, and Pack saddles.  We also make belts, wallets, checkbooks, gun leather, knife sheaths, and miscellaneous other custom leather projects.  

A Bit of History ! 

30 years of taking apart and putting back together saddles that have come in for everything from needing reflocking to simple billet changing to new knee rolls ect, we have seen it all.  We have been to several classes and two saddle making schools and have made both English and Western Saddles from scratch.  Our primary focus is repair and restoration.  

Craftsmanship and American Pride ! 

Such a simple word that entails so much, a " craftsman " puts not only elbow grease into his product, but also blood, sweat, tears and of course love.  We believe you will be impressed with our " pride of American Craftsmanship " !   We are constantly engaged in continuing education for ourselves and for our clients and love doing clinics on Saddle Fitting and Care and Conditioning.  We were established in 1985 with the idea of providing quality leather work at reasonable prices.  We feel that during all these years we have proven ourselves to be an establishment built on integrity and friendship.  We believe  " word of mouth " is the best advertisement and as owner and saddler, we have focused our shop on service and workmanship.  We utilize the advanced technology of the Saddle Tech Guage in giving us the best possible chance to fit a horse's back.  With the 3 D picture we receive with the guage, we ar able to factor in several things to best determine how a saddle should fit and or be reflocked or modified to fit the horse's back. Special programs and considerations are given to Pony Club, FFA, 4H and National High School Rodeo Association Members.  Saddle fit clinics can be done at your facility or ours.  We schedule our business hours to be available by appointment for you to devote time to you.  You can reach us via phone or text at 707 448 2972 and via email at gzappetta@gmail.com and via Facebook under Castleberry Saddle Shop.